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E-learning course with Developmental Trauma Informed Certification

E-learning course with Developmental Trauma Informed Certification The Mi Window Developmental Trauma eLearning Course has been developed based on the Training Curriculum and Theoretical and Pedagogical Basis. The eLearning Course aims to:

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    Provide an easy-to-use online course to upskill the school management, teachers, early childcare workers, youth workers, parents, community workers and educational psychologists.

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    Certify these target users with the competency of being Developmental Trauma Informed on completion of the required modules.


Our Partners

The Mi Window project team comprises partners from across
Europe and the UK.

Aspire Education Group Ltd (ASPIRE), UK

A UK-based hub of consultants and educators who strive to think globally and act locally with key influencers and organisations in the UK, Europe and Africa. ASPIRE develops and coordinates strategic, technical partnership programmes, which adopt a systems approach for successful educational and enterprise outcomes in emerging sectors for vulnerable learners, communities, women and the workforce.

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Asociación La Bien Pagá Espacio Escénico (LBP), Spain

LBP is an association to support the socio-educational integration and cultural inclusion of people with fewer opportunities and vulnerable groups through culture and arts. It runs its own theatre space specialising in liberation theatre and works with children, youth and adults.

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InstitutoPara El Fomento Del Desarrollo Y La Formacion SL (INFODEF), Spain

INFODEF is a private and independent centre forresearch, development, and innovation that designs and delivers projects thatcontribute to sustainable and inclusive development through education, cultureand innovation.

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InnoqualitySystems Ltd (INQS), Ireland.

INQS provide policy and program services to supportpositive student and teacher outcomes in early childhood, primary,postsecondary, VET and adult education and support learning across a lifetime.

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A non-governmental, non-profit organisation active inSocial Inclusion, Mental Health and De-institutionalisation, which activelyparticipates in psychiatric reforms promoted by the Ministry of Health andSocial Solidarity and the European Union. Its main objective is to providepsychosocial support and education to people at risk of exclusion and adultlearners in the humanitarian field.

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KIST Consult (KIST), Austria

KIST Consult specialises in development, marketing andtransfer of national and international educational, vocational education andtraining projects. They aim to build a bridge between the economy and educationto form lasting, demand-orientated networks between cooperative partners.Moreover, they offer solutions within the Human Resources Development sector.

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İstanbul Valiliği/ Governorship of Istanbul (GOI) Türkiye

The governorship of Istanbul (İstanbul Valiliği-GOI) is the highestadministrative authority in the city, with approximately 300 civil servantsproviding service in various fields. GOI oversee a wide range of Directorates,including the Provincial Directorates of National Education, Youth Services andSports, Migration Administration, Health, Family and Social Policies, SocialStudies and Projects, Social Security, Disaster and Emergency  and the Regional Directorates of CivilRegistry, Citizenship, and Migration Administration which will addsignificantly to the impact of the Mi Window project in Turkey.

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